Promoting inclusion
and a STEM curriculum in schools through the use of tangible programming concepts and activities

tangible programming; STEM; school inclusion

Mediterranean Inclusive Schools

Inclusive schools, multilingual framework, intercultural education, reception classrooms

Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology

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Reinforcing Educator's Competences for Counselling and Motivation

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Effective Learning

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Understanding and Expression tools for you

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12 Habits for Success

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Career guidance game in a city full of occupations

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UP2B - Boosting Up School Education towards European Citizenship and Labour Market Inclusion

4 Creativities

Foster Reception for Inclusive Educational Needs: Development of Educational Support for Kids

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Bridging the gap between educational stakeholders through mediation


Games for Tolerance

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SCHOOLS ENGAGE: Service Learning as a vehicle for fostering active citizenship in secondary education across Europe

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The Bulgarian multiplier was organized on 9th July 20201 in Ramada by Wyndham Sofia City Center. The event was attended by more than 50 teachers and educational experts from all around the country.

In addition to the detailed presentation of the project, the partners, the implemented activities and created products, the event was a priceless opportunity for a direct meeting with representatives of the target group (teachers, educational specialists, trainers and youth workers from Bulgaria) and a demonstration of the different types of materials and resources in the platform.

DROP IN logo Copy⏳ It's been three years since the start of one of our favorite projects - Drop'in! 🎉📢👏
Together with our partners from Bulgaria, France, Italy, Belgium and Latvia we have worked hard over the past 36 months to create educational products of the highest quality!📜📖📝

Now its time to say goodbye! It has been a pleasure to take part in this project!
If you missed any of the news or products on project Drop ' in, you can catch up using the short review of the events so far.

T GAMES logo“Game Methodology Training” was a short-term joint staff training event which involved 24 educators, teachers and experts in the field of education, hosted by Mise HERo in Prague, Czech Republic in the period 5th-9th July 2021. The event had a total duration of 30 hours face-to-face training (6 hours per day), followed by 10 additional hours dedicated to self-learning after the participants returned home.

4 creativities logoInterested in activities in the field of science and willing to find something fun, creative and interesting? Check out the project outcomes in the field of scientific creativity!

With the new 2020/2021 academic year, work has also begun on the creation of the third intellectual product of Project 4 Creativities (2019-1-BG01-KA201-062354): Scientific Creativity.

Within this category are a variety of activities designed to improve students' thinking capacity and their ability to move from basic to more complex concepts; to solve problems in a real-world situation; and to train their deductive capacity.


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