logo.hands.for.future.enAfter the successful end of project Future Stands in Youth Hands (2013-3362/ 001-001 YT7 CAAP7), which was funded by Sub-Action 3.2 — “Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union” of the Youth in Action programme, the work related to the creation of one of the main project results- the Storybook containing information about the project and photos of the training workshops- also finished.


Know and Can Association organized two informative seminars for dissemination of the results under project “Profession Future” (BG051PO001-7.0.07-0067-C0001), which is being realized with the financial support of Operational Programme Development of Human Resources, co-funded by the EU through the European Social Fund (Scheme for providing gratuitous financial support- “Without borders- component 1”- phase 2).


The final partner meeting and seminar under project “Future Stands in Youth Hands” (2013-3362/ 001-001 YT7 CAAP7), which is funded by Sub-Action 3.2 — “Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union” of the Youth in Action programme, were held between the 22-nd and 24-th of October 2014 in Alentejo, Portugal.


Successfully continues the testing of the Electronic guide on career guidance under profession future project.  The project is running by Know and Can Association in cooperation with Dacorum CVS (UK), Regional Inspectorate of Education- Sofia and Regional Inspectorate of Education- Smolyan and it’s financed by the Operational Programme of  Human Resources Development/European Social Fund.


From the 22nd to the 26th of July 2014 in Sao Tome and Principe (Africa) was held the third International Workshop within the frame of the project „FUTURE STANDS IN YOUTH HANDS (H4F - HANDS 4 FUTURE)“ under the Youth in Action Program, in which Know and Can Association is a partner. The topic of the workshop was the Agro-industry and Environment.  The youngsters who participated in the workshop were between 18 and 27 years old. They presented some specific topics in this area in their countries and acquired new knowledge in connection to the agro-industry and the practices, which help to protect the environment.



The exchange of senior volunteers within the framework of project „Developing Expertise and Skills” (DESK), 2012-1-GB2-GRU14-085832, implemented by Know and Can Association, Bulgaria and Dacorum CVS, the United Kingdom, ended successfully .

 On the 28-th of March 2014 four Bulgarian senior volunteers departed for Hemel Hempstead, the United Kingdom, where they participated actively in the activities of Dacorum CVS. They were met at the airport from representatives of the Hosting organization and afterwards were brought to their hotel. Dacorum staff supported the volunteers in their working tasks as well as in personal matters during their stay. The working tasks of the senior volunteers included office work, administrative work, work with customers, sales, organization of events and activities, etc. Their voluntary service ended on the 18-th of April 2014 and they arrived successfully in Bulgaria on the same day.


project number BG051PO001-7.0.07-0067-C0001
BG051PO001-7.0.07, Without Borders – Component 1 – Phase 2

Successfully continues the realization of the Profession future project ( BG051PO001-7.0.07-0067-C0001), which started one year ago. The project is leaded by Know and Can Association, Dacorum CVS, Regional Inspectorate of Education - Sofia and Regional Inspectorate of Education – Smolyan, with the financial support of OPHRD/ European Social Fund.