• 12 Habits for Success




    Name: 12 Habits for Success

    The main idea of the project is to create an unique and innovative educational tool to support teachers in their daily work and students to be engaged in their achievments, development and success.

    The overall goal of the project is to enhance capacities of teachers to improve student’s motivation, habits needs and gain a better understanding of their strenghts and for both actors the continuation of their personal and professional development either in education or in personal life.

    The target group of the project are students of 6-10; 10-14; 14-16; 16-19 years old.

    The project perspective is to support the work of teachers and other educational experts in the partnership countries and also across Europe.

    The other vision is to provide the students with appropriate conditions to achieve sustainable learning outcomes, which will lead to their successful transition to upper academic levels and in long terms perspective to better personal and professional development.

      • 12 Habits for success Methodology – guide for teachers and trainers;
    • Students activity book – include theoretical and practical parts;


    №: 2019-1-PT01-KA201-061277
    Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA201-Strategic partnerships for school education
    Duration: 01.10.2019 – 30.11.2021
    Know and Can Association – Bulgaria
    119 Secondary School “Academician Mihail Arnaudov” – Bulgaria
    European School of Brussels IV (Laeken) – Belgium
    Scoala Primara Carol I – Romania
    IS “Duca Abruzzi – Libero Grassi” – Italy
    Escola Basica Goncalo Mendes da Maia – Portugal
    Agrupamento de Escolas Sophia de Mello Breyner – Portugal

  • C-GAME




    Name: Career guidance game in a city full of occupations

    The project aims to develop a C-Game: for pupils aged 12-14 which is to introduce occupations to the pupils that might be of interest to them, broaden their labour market horizons, and encourage them to start their career orientation at an early age in order to be able to choose the relevant educational path. The C-Game is not designed to replace career guidance, but it helps pupils to become aware of their professional orientation through play to influence their future career choices

    The game will be set in a virtual city where students will complete tasks according to one of the six scenarios they can choose. The professions will be housed in buildings suitable for the scenario.

    During gaming the pupil will undertake ”hidden” interest self-assessment based on collecting a set of objects that represent working tools, gadgets, working environment, set of verbs / working activities, etc. System will remember pupils´ activities and after sufficient information will offer him/her occupations corresponding until then detected pupils´ profile.

      • Inspirational guidelines for career guidance games development
    • Contemporary occupational profiles
    • Online C-Game
    • Users´ C-game handbooks


    №: 2019-1-CZ01-KA201- 061204
    Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA201-Strategic partnerships for school education
    Duration: 31.12.2019 – 30.05.2022
    Asociace vychovnych poradcu,
    o.s. - Czech Republic
    Narodni vzdelavaci fond, o.p.s. - Czech Republic
    K.A.B.A. Slovensko - Slovakia
    Znam i Moga Ltd - Bulgaria
    EYTHINIS - Greece
    TeCeMko - Slovakia

  • Effective Learning




    Name: Effective Learning

    The main idea of the project is to bring together formal and non-formal education to explore different creative learning spaces which will give ownership of learning process to the learners. The aim of project is to provide space and support for cross-sectorial cooperation of professionals in formal and non-formal education on innovation of education in order to create contemporary and successful learning environments for young people. Effective learning involves three important aspects: environment, content and emotions. One of the task in the project is to share good practice and experience how to use and act more effectively in these all three areas in order to help both educators and young people to learn effectively and with pleasure. The primary audience of the project is teachers and youth workers. Secondary – young people who will indirectly „get“ and „feel on their skin“ new experiences, methods and approaches from teachers and youth workers.
    1. 4 short-term joint staff training events in Bulgaria, Romania, France and Latvia;
    2. 16 training programs for the transfer of knowledge;
    3. 16 knowledge transfer activities organized in every partner country;



    Programme:Erasmus+, KA2, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnerships for school education

    Duration: 01.11.2018 – 31.10.2019

    Partners:Know and Can Association, Bulgaria; Gulbenes novada dome, Latvia; Point Europa, United Kingdom; 18 Comprehensive school William Gladstone, Bulgaria; ASOCIATIA CULTURALA PENTRU TEATRU SI ORIGAMI DIN ROMANIA-A.C.T.O.R., Romania; Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 108, Romania; PISTES SOLIDAIRES, France; College Pierre Emmanuel, France;






    projectslogo.schools.engageName: SCHOOLS ENGAGE: Service Learning as a vehicle for fostering active citizenship in secondary education across Europe

    The project aims at developing, testing, and validating an innovative educational package for secondary education that builds on Service Learning (SL).


    1) Enhancing teachers’ professional development by supporting them to apply innovative teaching practices related to service learning and citizenship education and equipping them with tools, methodologies and ready-to use materials.

    2) Supporting the real life testing and application of SL interventions in schools in four European Countries (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus) and increase student’s civic participation, strengthen their democratic values and cultivate active citizenship competences such as critical thinking, collaboration, social responsibility, advocacy etc.

    - SCHOOLS ENGAGE teacher training programme

    - Service Learning resource bank

    - Service Learning Reflection toolkit

    - SCHOOLS ENGAGE online course





    Programme:KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA201-Strategic Partnerships for school education

    Duration:1.12.2020 - 30.11.2022

    Partners: FRIEDRICH-ALEXANDER-UNIVERSITAET ERLANGEN NUERNBERG- Germany, STIMMULI FOR SOCIAL CHANGE- Greece, CSI CENTER FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION LTD- Cyprus, Know and Can Association- Bulgaria, 93rd "Alexander Teodorov - Balan" Secondary school- Bulgaria, EKPEDEFTIRIA VASSILIADI- Greece;




    projectslogo.unextyouName: Understanding and Expression tools for you

    The main idea of the project is to create a unique innovative educational tool to support teachers in their daily activities to provide high quality of teaching and present contemporary learning opportunities to their students.

    The target group of the project are students from 14 to 16 years old.

    UNEX T-YOU PROJECT is made up of a set of tools for teachers to implement using a more participatory, creative and flexible methodology, contributing to the integration and adaptation of students.

    At the same time the gained knowledge and skills will facilitate them in the future integration into a society where they are increasingly required to compete and be versatile.

    It also will more creative, personal, reflective and critical literary experience. In UNEX T-YOU PROJECT the student is seen from this perspective as the protagonist of the action and as the person directly responsible for the product.

      • Improving reading practices
    • Understanding what we read
    • Developing written skills
    • Cultivating oral expression


    №: 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062549
    Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA201-Strategic partnerships for school education
    Duration: 01.11.2019. – 31.10.2021.
    93rd "Alexander Teodorov - Balan"Secondary school – Bulgaria
    BrainLog – Denmark
    Korup Skole – Denmark
    Zespol Szkol Ekonomiczno-Ogolnoksztalcacych we Wroclawiu –Poland
    Know and Can Association – Bulgaria


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