KMsafe LogoOn July 10th in the Europe Hall of the Ramada Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, the KMS project was presented to a wide audience - more than 50 trainers from various forms of education in Bulgaria during the annual conference of the Association, during which the results of completed and current projects are presented.
The topic of the project is extremely relevant in Bulgaria, and the approach to educational and preventive actions by trained peers was widely discussed during the conference breaks. The ready-made training methods from the first intellectual product also aroused interest.

projectslogo.mindthegapsThe work on the project MindtheGaps – “Media Literacy towards Youth Social Inclusion” is moving forward.

One of the first tasks for the creation of a #young media literacy handbook is the conduction of national research on #young people (15-18 years) in the risk of exclusion and their needs in terms of #media literacy, #digital inclusion and #critical thinking. The partners from Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey and Norway are disseminating questionnaires that also target teachers and school managers who will provide their reflection based on filed experience.


Despite the objective obstacles that quarantine creates for the project, for full communication with the target groups, the modern means of communication, which are also the subject of the project, help to gather information and prepare the content of the educational modules.

Research in partner countries has shown that the qualities that youth workers need to have in order to work successfully with their peers are not insignificant and are quite diverse, especially when it comes to a multicultural environment. The first graduates of "Youth Workers" of the University of Veliko Tarnovo will be in 2022. That is why the training modules on the project come to the aid of the current ones working with youths. The topics, content and exercises can be found on the project website www.keepmesafe.EU

The active work on the project “YREED - Development of a Supportive Framework for Young Roma People Entrepreneur” continues.
The activities which we are currently implementing were agreed during the first partner meeting held in mid-January 2020 in Bucharest. At the moment, we are actively working on the development of an #entrepreneurship toolkit that has a special focus on #young Roma people’s needs for developing #own business plans. Our partnership is also conducting research on Social and Solidarity Economy as it is at the core of the second intellectual output. Project partners are also collecting good practices from Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Hungary and Greece for creating videos on how to grow business as a young Roma.
Stay tuned for more news! 👀

SEIS LogoIn addition to the challenges posed by the project objectives, at the time of the implementation of the intercontinental exchanges of young entrepreneurs we unexpectedly faced  an additional challenge in the form of quarantine due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Whether these and other remaining project activities will be implemented were discussed at an online meeting between the partners organised on 29th April 2020. The quarantine disrupted the timetable for the exchange of entrepreneurs between the participating countries. Some organizations managed to complete at least the first round of exanges, but not all.


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