ForProve Theatre- Newsletter 4

At the end of September the ForProve theatre project will be completed. Throughout the project lifespan the project team have produced several training and learning products (outputs) and implemented project activities to ensure product validity. These are very useful and valuable outputs, targeted at the adult education for personal and social development and in your work as counsellor, trainer, teacher or coach.Trainers, teachers, counsellors and coaches can use the tools and exercises in their daily work with their target group. In order to spread the products of the project all partners were organising the multiplier event in their countries. Here are the summaries of the multiplier events in all partners’ countries.

ForProve Theatre- Newsletter 4

The multiplier event in Bulgaria was held on 8th of September in Central Park Hotel in Sofia. More than 30 people came to the event.

Firstly, the participants were shown the products of the project- the Guide, Visual Guide, Methodology and were provided with information regarding the project.

After this, they were given examples of how to apply the method in their work and lives and were shown some warm-ups and games that they can use in their job and lives.

68 people participated and gave a very positive feedback- they said that they would use the ForProve Theatre method in their work with children and young people.

for.prove.logo.enThe final partner meeting of ForProve Theatre Project (number: 2015-2-BG01-KA205-014544) was held on 29th and 30th of June 2017 in Rzeszów, Poland.

The two main topics that were discussed on the meeting were connected with the translations of the final version of the Guide on ForProve Theatre and the creation of the Visual Guide on ForProve Theatre which will contain the written Guide and videos on how to implement the new innovative method. The other topics that were reviewed were the dissemination activities done so far, the future dissemination and planning of the future multiplier events in the partner countries.

International training in Sofia, Bulgaria, within the project ForProve Theatre was held from 7th to 11thNovember 2016.  It included youth workers from all partner countries; those are Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria. During the theoretical lectures and practical workshops, they became acquainted with the new innovative method the ForProve Theatre. Additionally, they have learnt how to implement this new method in their work in order to stimulate youth entrepreneurship and the way to use the project materials to exploit its’ full potential.

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Because of the economic crisis, which has arisen in 2008, we are today facing a global challenge of youth unemployment. Due to difficulties in gaining a foothold in the labour market, young people are now the group at highest risk of social exclusion in Europe.

In contemporary societies engagement in the labour market and education represents not only a possibility for accumulating human, social and economic capital, but also an access to a number of activities, which all influence an individual’s skills, abilities and social standing. On the contrary, young people who are disengaged from the labour market and education are therefore more likely to be excluded from relationships and social networks created in the work or educational environment. Such exclusion often results in psychological distress, such as loneliness, feeling powerless or useless, anxiety and even depression.

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