Reinforcing cOmpetences to Build Inclusion through a New learning methodology

social integration; prevention; drop-out; migration; children


ICT for Seniors’ Social Inclusion

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Upskilling Pathways for Employability

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Enhancing the social inclusion of low income single parents

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Entrepreneurship is the Key to Succes

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Mapping the Music of Migration

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Smart outreach by informing, inspiring and engaging adult learners


RECHANCE- Rehabilitation approaches for providing former prisoners with personal development and society entry CHANCEs

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Flipped studio “Successful Innovator”

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Thankfully the COVID-19 situation permitted the final EKS project partners meeting to go forward physically. All partners were very happy and satisfied to be meeting after two years of mutual work which primarily consisted of online meetings solely. During the meeting, all COVID safety measures were diligently followed up. Thanks to our Italian project partners - LABC, the meeting was concluded in a smooth and successful way for all participants.

UPthEM Logo 01After two years filled with hard work and challenges, the UPthEM project partnership is extremely glad to present the final version of the UPthEM TRAINING PROGRAMME "Upskilling pathways for employability"!

The programme combines aspects of entrepreneurship and employability training curricula with role-play simulation exercises on the process of looking for employability options or of starting a business. The programme design entails four modules, considered key to a successful career based on the current and future labour market and combined in a unique way providing new and different point of view, in which lies the innovativeness of the product as well as its contribution to the already existing practices and materials in all partner countries and EU level:


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