„JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children“ - Newsletter 4

JudEx+ Programme
Throughout May and June, the JudEx+ programme has been implemented across Europe. The training programme is a forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences on child-friendly judicial proceedings in cases of sexual violence against children, encouraging professionals to be informed, collaborate, and take into consideration the rights and needs of children in all stages of the proceedings.


"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center in collaboration with Frederick University have delivered the JudEx+ programme in Nicosia on May 25-26, and on May 30-31, 2017. Over 50 professionals involved in the different phases of the judicial proceedings in cases of sexual violence against children analysed and discussed the Cypriot context in the light of national and international instruments such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (Lanzarote Convention). The training also focused on verbal and non-verbal communication with the child and family;
professional burnout; informing families about the procedures; and multiservice collaboration. A variety of learning methods were combined to implement highly successful events: introductory lectures; World-Cafe method; and role-play. The strategy contributed to building bonds between professionals allowing for in-depth discussions about their professional role in the process. The exchanges between the participants were meaningful and the discussions offered key knowledge on minimising child-trauma and contributing to child-friendly proceedings.

CESIE implemented the JudEx+ training in Italy took place in May, in Palermo. Approximately 60 professionals benefited from the experience and transfer of knowledge with a different range of experts, building up their knowledge and skills to work with children in a child-friendly way. The training included plenary sessions, as well as small group debates. The World Café methodology, where rounds of discussion were done in groups, was used followed by a short lecture to highlight.
The module on inter-institutional cooperation clearly strengthened sustainable networking and knowledge exchange between professionals working with the child at different stages of judicial proceedings. Discussions were also held on the existing international documents and national laws regarding children’s rights. The genuineness of the interest of the professionals participating clearly showed the importance and need for the event, as well as the success of its implementation.

Science & Research Center Koper, in collaboration with the Center for Social Work, trained 50 participants from a wide spectrum (police, health services, social protection, justice, education, NGOs) on the 29th and 30th of May 2017. The event covered communication (verbal and nonverbal) with the child victim of sexual abuse; cooperation among key stakeholders, and international documents (UN Convention and Lanzarote convention) in relation to the Slovenian national context. Judicial proceedings in cases of sexual violence against children are under researched in Slovenia. The
needs analysis conducted among experts revealed a lack of sustained and informed cooperation among
professionals involved in cases of sexual violence against children. The JudEx+ training directly answered to such needs. The plans for establishing the “Children's House” where holistic treatment of the child victim of sexual abuse will be performed was presented by a representative from the Ministry of Justice of Slovenia during the sessions. The training was a success and a great opportunity for all experts to get to know each other in a non-formal way and consequently establish successful cooperation in the future.


The event in Sofia was attended by nearly 80 people from all over Bulgaria. The training was attended by specialists pedagogues, school psychologists, school principals, representatives of NGOs, teachers and trainers. The participants' interest of the guests was prompt by the innovative ideas and opportunities that JudEx + offers in the field of working with children - victims of violence.

Recently, in Bulgaria, the cases of violence against children,and between children, have become more
frequent, increaseing the need for timely and adequate actions by the pedagogical staff in the educational institutions. The participants in the training shared that, unfortunately, no training programs have been developed at national level on the topic, which makes their work more difficult. For this reason, all participants in the JudEx+ programme highly appreciated the initiative.

Folkuniversitetet Uppsala invited the Social Services of Uppsala municipality and the staff from the Children's House in Linköping to participate in the JudEx+ programme. The great need for close cooperation between the school, police and social services was emphasised, in order to ensure better identification of cases of sexual violence against children as well as the proper support of children. The training focused on the implementation of the UNCRC and Lanzarote Convention, as well as existing
awareness raising campaigns. Another point of discussion were methods and tools for closer collaboration among the practitioners. In total, 50 participants attended the events.

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