Promoting inclusion
and a STEM curriculum in schools through the use of tangible programming concepts and activities

tangible programming; STEM; school inclusion

Mediterranean Inclusive Schools

Inclusive schools, multilingual framework, intercultural education, reception classrooms

Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology

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Reinforcing Educator's Competences for Counselling and Motivation

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Effective Learning

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Understanding and Expression tools for you

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12 Habits for Success

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Career guidance game in a city full of occupations

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UP2B - Boosting Up School Education towards European Citizenship and Labour Market Inclusion

4 Creativities

Foster Reception for Inclusive Educational Needs: Development of Educational Support for Kids

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Bridging the gap between educational stakeholders through mediation


Games for Tolerance

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SCHOOLS ENGAGE: Service Learning as a vehicle for fostering active citizenship in secondary education across Europe

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Digital soft skills for blended learning

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T GAMES logoThe first key activity in the implementation of the Games for Tolerance project was the analysis and identification of the needs of the teaching staff in the partner countries Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Romania. With the help of a carefully designed questionnaire, the partners were able to gather valuable feedback and shared experiences that were useful to them in order to get a detailed idea of ​​the existing approaches to combating violence, as well as attitudes about the use of games and gamification in prevention of bullying among children from various European schools and kindergartens. The survey was conducted in the period December 2020-January 2021, and immediately after the analysis of the results, intensive work began on the creation of the first intellectual product - Methodology for developing educational games - for teachers and educators who wish to create activities aimed at prevention and de-escalation of violence and would like to gain more information and experience in this field.

T GAMES logoToday, June 2, 2021, the consortium of T-Games project organized its regular management meeting with the participation of the partners from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Romania! 




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