Promoting inclusion
and a STEM curriculum in schools through the use of tangible programming concepts and activities

tangible programming; STEM; school inclusion

Mediterranean Inclusive Schools

Inclusive schools, multilingual framework, intercultural education, reception classrooms

Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology

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Reinforcing Educator's Competences for Counselling and Motivation

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Effective Learning

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Understanding and Expression tools for you

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12 Habits for Success

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Career guidance game in a city full of occupations

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UP2B - Boosting Up School Education towards European Citizenship and Labour Market Inclusion

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Foster Reception for Inclusive Educational Needs: Development of Educational Support for Kids

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E4S2.0 LogoFrom 11th to 15th February in Sofia and Bourgas, trainings are being carried out with new ToolBox and the new methodology of the E4Sci 2.0 project, led by Luis Souto and Rosa Pinho from the University of Aveiro, Portugal. In Sofia, the training took place in the building of the 93th SU  "Aleksandar Teodorov-Balan" , where for two years there was a class with forensic science profile. Apart from representatives of Know and Can Association, teachers - forensics, biology, chemistry, physics teachers, as well as students from the forensics classes - were invited. There were also guest teachers from other schools.


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TangIn logo 4Over the next week, starting Tuesday 8th January and with a duration of five days, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), in the framework of the TangIn project, is hosting the TangIn European teachers training course on tangible programming. This first edition of this teachers training course addresses selected teachers of the TangIn project partners shools, teaching at primary school level. A total of 16 teachers coming from Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Latvia will be together for one week training learning and sharing experiences about tangible programming and how it can be used in daily activities.

T BOX Logo WebOn 6th December 2018 the Bulgarian National Agency - Human Resource Development Centre organized the annual Valorization conference aiming to provide an overview of the projects and activities implemented in Bulgaria with the support of EU and to award the best projects under Erasmus+ Programme for 2018.

On Dec. 4 and 5, the third meeting of the TANGIN project was held in Villarejo de Selvanes, near Madrid, at the friendly hosts of Colegio Santa Elena. The project enters the testing phase of the robot's capabilities and the creativity of teachers to use it in the context of the curriculum on various subjects.

logo effective learningKnow and Can Association starts working on Effective Learning project (2018-1-LV-01-KA201-046968). The aim of project is to provide space and support for cross-sectorial cooperation of professionals in formal and non-formal education on innovation of education in order to create contemporary and successful learning environments for young people.


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