EKS logoEven during the hot summer months the EKS project team is working hard on the development of the EKS simulation game. The game will be focused on the development and improvement of the 5 vital skills required for successful realization in the entrepreneurial world: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordination with others.
The project partners already created a list of scenarios dedicated on each of the five skills. In order to be more interesting and challenging for the end users, the game will have different levels of complexity (3 levels per skill). Within each level the users will be put in virtual, plausible or paradoxical situations in which they will have to make decisions, find strategies or solve problems and thus use and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

The emergency situation related to the coronavirus created additional challenges in the implementation of the ALTER project. Instead of a face to face partnership meeting on June 30, an online one was held. The economic consequences of the pandemic have yet to be assessed and analyzed, but the sharp rise in unemployment is a fact. Now that the first signs of recovery are in place and the labor market is intensifying, the project's target group is at a disadvantage. Adults who do not have enough skills to take advantage of the new ways of applying for a job preferred by employers. Many of the representatives of the target group, due to their early dropping out of the education system do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to take advantage of modern job search tools, often fall into the trap of misleading ads or find it difficult to present to the employer the skills they possess.

ParentBank LogoAs the Covid-19 pandemic reshapes the way in which we work, the second transnational project meeting of ParentBank project took place on 9th - 10th June 2020 online.  

Our partnership discussed the current development of the second intellectual output - training programme for the building of literacy, numeracy, digital competences, sense of initiative, and entrepreneurial skills of low-skilled single parents which aims to foster their employability, socio-educational and personal development. 

ParentBank LogoOn 5th and 6th, June 2020 in the town of Chepelare was held the first training of professionals working with single parents under the ParentBank project.
The region is remote, mountainous, with ethnic minorities, many of them living in hard-to-reach neighborhoods. The problems of single parents were especially highlighted during the quarantine around the emergency situation due to the coronavirus.

EKS logoThe state of the art analysis of the EKS project discusses the current situation of young adults not in employment, in education nor in training (NEETs) in the partner countries, as well as the measures in place to support their integration into the labour market by presenting the gaps that exist in each context. The report combines both a desk-based research and the results collected from a questionnaire research with the target group (261 responses collected). Also, the report presents existing good practices in each national context that have proved crucial in conceptualizing new innovative solutions for creating an entrepreneurial mindset among disadvantaged youth. Click here for more information about the conclusions.

The ALTER project unexpectedly faced a new challenge. On the one hand, the sharp increase in the number of unemployed is related to the Corona virus, a social isolation that, which in addition to the negative consequences for most people, provides additional time for self-study.

This topic, as well as a discussion about the development of the project were the subject of an online meeting between the partners in early June.

UPthEM Logo 01The national desk researches in the frame of UPthEM project established baseline knowledge for the design of the UPthEM training programme for disadvantaged learners. The researches were conducted in all partner countries in the period January - April 2020. The research maps out the situation of adult education in the five participating countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania and Spain, in terms of policies, programmes, and links between educational institutions and the business. Further, the researched reviews the formal and informal training in entrepreneurship in the countries.

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