Children and youth


Developing programs for children and youths

The main aims of all the programmes of Know and Can Association are children and youths to accept themselves and the others such as they are, to learn to be tolerant, to become aware of their potential and skills, to be confident, flexible and steady to the negative influence of the social environment.


I. A developing training program for the 8-10 year old children “I learn”

The program is intended for students in primary education. Directed mainly to the development of attention, memory, concentration, creative possibilities, determination and extension of the interests of children.

The program allows without tension in a form of a game:

  1. To learn complex concepts and objects from the ambient world;
  2. To develop children's speech skills and capabilities;
  3. To develop attention, coordination, patience and spatial vision and the so-called "internal brake" – a skill of repressing yourself exactly when this is necessary;
  4. To develop fantasy and creative skills;
  5. To improve the ability of the child for calm and joyful communication with other children.

II. A developing program for children from 10 to 13 years old - “I ca

The program is intended for students from secondary education. The aim of the program is related mainly to intellectual development, self-reflection and thinking out of the box.

The program allows:

  1. The integrated development of attention, memory, speech, observability -
  2. Development of non-standard thinking by resolving different mental puzzles, riddles and logical tasks;
  3. The formation of rational ways of thinking that will assist the assimilation of the content of all basic subjects in school program;
  4. Lessons with different intellectual games, which are intended to promote creative thinking and intensify cognition;
  5. Development of organizational capabilities.

Of particular importance is the fact that the program stimulates not only the interest in the final success, but also to the very process of thinking and expands the sphere of interests and creativity in children.

III. A developing program for teens from 14 to 18 years old - "I am"

The program is intended to students from high schools. It is related to the awareness of their own personality and capabilities, communication skills and ways to defend themselves. The program includes test studies of the personality simulation exercises and games, case studies and complex intellectual-entertainment activities.


The program allows:


The formation of a positive attitude towards selves;

  1. Personal development
  2. Correction of behavior;
  3. The formation of the system of values and objectives related to their future skills to organize and manage their time;
  4. Vocational guidance;
  5. Improving the strength and flexibility of mind and the development of creative skills;
  6. Discussing and upholding a position, resolving difficult cases and optimal decision making; organization of personal time.

The programs start with the pooling of a minimum of 6 children / adolescents. The classes can be held in the Learning Rooms of Know and Can Association or upon prior request at schools. Upon the possibility and approval of the director, classes can also be held on the spot in interested schools. Classes are held once a week within 45-60 minutes. The Association organizes free demonstrations of intellectual activities on a preliminary request. For more details, you may send an inquiry by email or call the listed phones.