Promoting inclusion
and a STEM curriculum in schools through the use of tangible programming concepts and activities

tangible programming; STEM; school inclusion

Mediterranean Inclusive Schools

Inclusive schools, multilingual framework, intercultural education, reception classrooms

Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology

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Reinforcing Educator's Competences for Counselling and Motivation

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Effective Learning

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Understanding and Expression tools for you

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12 Habits for Success

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Career guidance game in a city full of occupations

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UP2B - Boosting Up School Education towards European Citizenship and Labour Market Inclusion

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Foster Reception for Inclusive Educational Needs: Development of Educational Support for Kids

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12 habits for successThe intellectual outputs foreseen to be created in the frame of 12 habits for success project will be a Methodology guide book and Students activity book which will foster wide cross-sectorial partnerships on developing further innovations to support teaching and training practices. These resources will ensure motivation, coaching and support habits building and will be a source of open educational resource which will lead the nonexperienced educators through the habits building and personal growth for their students so they can overcome the barriers faced while gaining new knowledge, experience and skills.

Logo C GAMEOn January 30 and 31, 2020, the first meeting of the C-Game project - a career guidance game in a city full of opportunities, was held at the Czech Technical University building in the Department of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics.
The project has set itself the ambitious task, in the form of a game, to familiarize students in the 12-14 year age range with possiblities for further education, with a view to, and in the distant future, professional realization. This is the most vulnerable student group being on a crossroad of choices where, on the one hand primary education ends and the possibilities for continuation are different - language, vocational high schools, on the other hand, sometimes the wrong influences of the environment, friends and parents.

BI NEW LogoFrom December 13 to December 15, 2020, at the Lyceum Tourism and Entrepreneurship Building in Bolu, Turkey, the second training for future educators of mental arithmetic was held. In an extremely welcoming environment for three days, with the active participation of the participants, the training was extremely communicative and useful for the participants. Preparation for the training was at a very high level, for which a special thanks to the hosts. Most of them are teachers at the local gifted children school, bringing together elites not only from the city but also from surrounding cities and even districts. There were also recent undergraduate students with a mathematics profile, as well as university professors.

On December 2nd and 3rd, the first meeting of the UNEX T-YOU project took place in the host building of the project coordinator 93rd School Alexander Teodorov - Balan. The project has set itself the ambitious goal of improving the skills of students in the 14-16 age group in reading, comrehension, writing and oral presentation.

DROP IN logo CopyFrom 7 to 12 October 2019 in Dax, France, the DROP-IN project coordinator Pistes Solidaires, with the support of all partners, organised a training course led by educational experts and specialists in non-formal education. The course was attended by teachers from the partner schools who want to discover, develop and introduce non-formal educational techniques in their classrooms. The aim of the training was to empower the teachers to be key actors in the educational process, encouraging and motivating them to make changes in their own classroom and subsequently in the school environment.

logo medis v1When the intellectual products of the project are ready, it is time for meetings with institutions, not only for promoting the products and the project, but also for joint actions for its widespread implementation..
On November 15th, 2019, at the UN High Commission for Refugees for Bulgaria in Sofia, a meeting was held between Emilia van Harten and Iva Lazarova, representatives of the commission and Stanislav Georgiev, a representative of the Regional Educational Office Sofia and Ivo Dimitrov from Know and Can Association. The meeting presented in detail the project, where and how its results are already being implemented.


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