FAR&COM: Newsletter 1

FARCOM LOGOCheck out the project first newsletter!

SMILES- kick-off meeting in Bansko, Bulgaria

smiles logo🤩SMILES KICK-OFF meeting is taking place in Bansko, Bulgaria.

STEM BY STEM kick-off meeting

projectslogo.stem🤩STEM BY STEM kick-off meeting is taking place at the moment in the office of Know and Can in Sofia, 🇧🇬 Bulgaria.

Kick-off meeting of LARPIC project!

APserveImage🤩LARPIC- Live Action Role Play to Increase Youth Active Citizenship Project kick-off meeting took place last week in Sofia, 🇧🇬 Bulgaria.

S4B- A baseline for working in the online classroom

projectslogo.s4b👇✅ Check out the baseline for working in the💻online classroom of the S4B - Digital Soft Skills for Blended Learning which is highlighted, an overview of apps and websites that would help teachers play digitally, operate digital tools that facilitate working in the online classroom🎯

FAR&COM kick-off meeting in Bulgaria!

FARCOM LOGO🤩Far&Com (Fast Reading and Comprehension- 2022-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000087331) project kick-off 🗣️ 🤝 meeting is taking place in 93. СУ "Aлександър Теодоров-Балан", Sofia, 🇧🇬 Bulgaria.

Fostering Well-Being in Educational Institutions: The Methodology for Teachers

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The Council of Europe defines well-being as "the experience of health and happiness," encompassing mental and physical health, safety, belonging, sense of purpose, achievement, and success. Well-being varies depending on age and life stage, and it comprises different dimensions, including emotional, physical, social, workplace, and societal well-being.

Well-being is of paramount importance in educational institutions, be it at the elementary or high school level, and it applies to all students, teachers, administrative staff, and school administrators. The quality of school life, including well-being, is a critical factor in measuring a school's effectiveness and its impact on students' academic success and participation in the learning process.