• 4 Creativities




    Name: 4 Creativities

    The main idea of the 4 Creativities project is to create a unique innovative educational tool to support teachers in their daily activities to provide high quality of teaching and present contemporary learning opportunities to their students.

    The project is focused on the development and improvement of four different types of creativity, namely: mathematical creativity, linguistic creativity, scientific creativity and artistic creativity.

    The aim of 4 Creativities project is to improve the teachers’ abilities to generate a creative education, leading to the creation of students who are able to think, analyse and solve daily problems.

    By improving the teaching practice we aim to enrich the current environment in schools in Europe by means of incorporating new methodologies, experiences and knowledge in the formal educational system.

    Through the project activities we will promote the active involvement of all students in the classroom. The project results are aimed to be used by teachers working with with 10 to 12 years old students, promoting their motivation and creativity as a fundamental ability to develop students in this age.

      • A compendium of 24 creative portfolios (activities) with descriptions of activities which will be piloted and implemented in the classroom, with the aim to boost the interest and motivation of students to learn and acquire life long learning skills. The portfolios will be grouped into four main categories, each one corresponding to the four creativities.


    №: 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062354
    Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA201-Strategic partnerships for school education
    Duration: 01.11.2019 – 31.10.2021
    6th Secondary School "Graf Ignatiev" – Bulgaria
    Know and Can Association – Bulgaria
    De La Salle College – Ireland
    Liceul Teoretic Grigore Moisil Timisoara – Romania
    CPIP - Romania

    Website: http://4creativities.com/en/home-4creativities.html



  • GlobArtist




    projectslogo.globartistName: Global Artists - Social and Labour Entrepreneurship with young artists

    Global Artists  aims to contribute to the entrepreneurial and social empowerment of 60 young artists in four European countries through an innovative and creative approach.

    The organisations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain and Italy will seek to improve the professional and social competences of the young people through training actions and internships in local NGOs, in which the young people will be involved.

    This initiative will end with a final conference in which young people exchange and publicly show their experiences of participation in NGOs.

    - Handbook - Guide to the Global Artist Training

    - Training in artistic entrepreneurship, social innovation and technologies

    - Internships in social organisations



    Programme:KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA205-Strategic Partnerships for youth;

    Duration:01.03.2021 - 31.10.2022

    Partners: Instituto de Estudios Internacionales en Educación y Sociedad- Spain, A HUESO- Spain, CENTRO INTERCULTURALE ARTISTICO SICILIANO- LA GUILLA- Italy, Udruga Llere- Croatia, Know and Can Association- Bulgaria;



  • NOVA





    projectslogo.rechangeName: Flipped studio “Successful Innovator”

    According to Eurostat, the COVID-19 crisis may affect about 7.3 million cultural and creative jobs across the EU. With thе aim of supporting the cultural and creative sector the project was born.
    Project’s objectives:
    - to set up and provide access for upskilling pathways in the format of flipped studio “Successful Innovator” which sets out to enhance learners’ skills development and competences that reinforce creativity and innovation in CCS;
    - to equip adult learners with the set of innovative solutions in CCS during COVID-19 to unveil opportunities that can be sought in a critical context and contribute to the resilience of the cultural and creative sectors;
    - to develop assessment tool to track the progress of adult learners to become successful innovators in CCS;
    - to support adult educators in effectively running the flipped studio “Successful Innovator”.
    • Set of Innovative solutions in CCS during the COVID-19
    • Flipped studio “Successful innovator”
    • Assessment Tool for recognition of innovator’s in CCS competences
    • e-Toolkit for adult educators “Modern flipped studio “Successful Innovator in CCS”



    Programme:Erasmus+, KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Partnerships for Creativity


    Partners: Social Innovation Fund – SIF, Lithuania, Birštono kultūros centras – BKC,

    Lithuania, Center for Social Innovation – CSI,

    Cyprus, Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente – CPIP, Romania, CESIE, Italy, Know and Can Association – K&C, Bulgaria;

    Website: https://www.nova.lpf.lt/



  • YO.US.T.A.R.




    projectslogo.yo.usName: YOuth workers USing Theatre Augmenting cReativity

    YO.US.T.A.R. focuses on theatre and performing arts as tools to foster the social inclusion of young people, based on an innovative theatre methods. The project has three overall objectives:

    1. To increase the social inclusion of young people through theatre, building on the European values of acceptance of diversity and tolerance, and the promotion of intercultural dialogue.
    2. To give young people a space where they can use theatre to foster self-esteem, self-consciousness and confidence in a new and stimulating environment;
    To offer staff working with youth in theatres and NGOs a tool (the YO.US.T.A.R. toolkit) which will enable deeper understanding of their clients and will increase their professional skills in the field of art and social inclusion.

    - Literature Review and a Methodological Framework

    - YO.US.T.A.R. Toolkit with pilot sessions in all partner countries, where young participants will be trained in the YO.US.T.A.R. method for a total of 210 youngsters with fewer opportunities

    - YOUSTAR Recommendations for practitioners and compared analysis, where theatre staff and youth workers will find useful tips to work with theatre techniques and youth with fewer opportunities.



    Programme:Erasmus+, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Partnerships for Creativity

    Duration:01.03.2021 - 28.02.2023

    Partners: CENTRO INTERCULTURALE ARTISTICO SICILIANO – LA GUILLA, Italy, MOSAIC POLITISMOS & DIMIOURGIKOTITA, Greece, Know and Can Association, Bulgaria, MIR AKADEMIEN AB, Sweden, ProSoc - drustvo za implementacijo projektov in razvoj socialnega podjetnistva, Slovenia, ASSOCIATION KULTURANOVA UDRUZENJE, Serbia, ASOCIACION CULTURAL Y DEPORTIVA LAHOYA, Spain

    Website: https://youstar.info/