Name: Promoting inclusion and a STEM curriculum in schools through the use of tangible programming concepts and activities

STEM skilled labour force has been, is and will be in high-demand in Europe. EU will have up to 825.000 ICT job vacancies by 2020 difficult to fill due to the shortage of skilled labour force.

The project aims to produce and deliver a set of educational resources and materials to promote and support the effective use of tangible programming tools and concepts by teachers in daily classrooms (at primary level schools) while teaching STEM-based subjects. These resources will enable teachers of introducing tangible programming concepts and STEM-based subjects, to young students, in a funny, engaging, pedagogical and inclusive way.

Tangible programming is a language similar to text or visual programming languages, but instead of using words/pictures on a computer screen, it uses physical objects to represent different programming elements, commands, and flow-of-control structures.

  • Turning programming into an activity that is accessible to the hands and minds of young children
  • Introducing programming concepts, promoting cognitive and spatial development
  • Promoting soft skills in young students, such as teamwork, troubleshooting and critical thinking
  • Promoting group work for a common goal strengthening team work and communication skills, independently of each one gender, social background, etc.
  • Identification of the STEM based subjects suitable for using tangible programming concepts and tools.
  • Creation of toolkit of resources and activities with involvement of the target groups and end users.
  • Teacher training package - a manual enabling training of primary school teachers on the use of tangible programming concepts and TangIn toolbox of resources.
  • Creation of Guide for Programming Oriented Schools full of tips and recommendation enabling other schools to undergo through the same or similar processes.
  • LTTA event - aimed at building the capacity and empower teachers of the partners schools to use the TangIn resources (the toolbox of educational resources) in their classes.


Number: 2017-1-PT01-KA201-035975
Programme: ERASMUS+; KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; Strategic Partnerships for School Education
Duration: 01.10.2017 - 30.09.2019
Partners: Carriera & Alegre – Portugal;
Agrupamento de Escolas da Murtosa – Portugal;
Valmieras Pārgaujas – Latvia;
Colegio Santa Elena – Spain;
Know and Can Association – Bulgaria;
Universidade de Aveiro – Portugal;
INOVA+ - Portugal.
Website: http: http://www.tangin.eu/


TangIn is gaining up speed!!!

TangIn logo 4On September 3, 2019, in the Lower Metropolitan Region, shortly before the start of the school year, the first promotional event of the TangIn project took place. 20 teachers from 5 schools, mainly from the initial stage of the education system, attended the event in two parts - theoretical and demonstrative - practical.

After the TANGIN meeting in Valmiera, Latvia

TangIn logo 4On the 8th and 9th May 2019 in Valmiera, Latvia, the 4th International Tangin Project Meeting was held. The project is in phase of testing the created lesson plans in real school environment, debugging, supplementing with information. Up to now, the feedback received from partner countries - Spain, Latvia, Portugal and Bulgaria - is about graet interest from both pupils and teachers, who, on the basis of the proposed lesson plans on different subjects, combine them to generate interest in students on several subjects at the same time, facilitating the inclusion of students with problems in math and science subjects.

TANGIN Newsletter №4

TangIn logo 4APRIL 2019 EDITION

Full version of the Newsletter 4 could be downloaded from here.
Enjoy the reading!

TangIn – changing the vision of the curricula content in primary school

TangIn logo 4Bulgarian primary school teachers are excited with the pilot test of the TangIn toolbox of educational resources that is taking place until June this year and the possibility to improve the way curricula is delivered at primary school. Under the coordination of Know and Can the pilot test of the TangIn toolbox of educational for teachers already started last March. A total of 9 teachers of the 6th Primary School Graf Ignatiev are collaborating in this phase by using the activities and exercises proposed in their classes.

TangIn Newsletter №3


Full version of the Newsletter 3 could be downloaded from here.
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European teachers training course on tangible programming is about to start

TangIn logo 4Over the next week, starting Tuesday 8th January and with a duration of five days, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), in the framework of the TangIn project, is hosting the TangIn European teachers training course on tangible programming. This first edition of this teachers training course addresses selected teachers of the TangIn project partners shools, teaching at primary school level. A total of 16 teachers coming from Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Latvia will be together for one week training learning and sharing experiences about tangible programming and how it can be used in daily activities.

Third meeting on TANGIN project - time for movements

On Dec. 4 and 5, the third meeting of the TANGIN project was held in Villarejo de Selvanes, near Madrid, at the friendly hosts of Colegio Santa Elena. The project enters the testing phase of the robot's capabilities and the creativity of teachers to use it in the context of the curriculum on various subjects.

Dissemination of TANGIN project

TangIn logo 4TangIn was presented in the ICEM 2018 conference in Tallinn, Estonia