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    projectslogo.emotionName: GreenGenerations: tackling climate change through intergenerational learning

    Convinced that the education of the younger generations is a powerful lever for change, six European partners from five countries (Romania, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus), with complementary expertise in social innovation and pedagogical engineering, have gathered to develop innovative pedagogical modules on climate change education through intergenerational learning processes. This new approach will enable young learners to develop new skills, voice their ideas, lead their project and collaborate with adults (teachers, parents and other people from their close ecosystem) to overcome barriers, address climate change concerns and seek sustainable solutions.

      - Analysis related to in-depth understanding of techniques and effectiveness of intergenerational learning
    - Guidance, training and practical resources, that will enable teachers to embrace intergenerational learning on climate change
    - Innovative school curriculum and a platform for students and the community to adopt sustainable everyday habits.



    Programme:KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education

    Duration:01.11.2022 - 30.04.2025

    Partners: Eutopique – France, HUB21 – Greece, Know and Can Association – Bulgaria, SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Limited – Cyprus, 1st Elementary School of Alexandria – Greece, Centrul Judetean de Excelenta – Romania;

    Website: https://greengenerations.eu