SELF-E Multiplier Event in Bulgaria

SELF E logo 800The Multiplier Event in Bulgaria was conducted in the middle of June 2020 in Municipal Complex for Young People in Chepelare, Bulgaria.


Chepelare is a small town- part of the rural area in Bulgaria. It is a very poor region but the people there are willing to learn new things although they don’t usually have the opportunity to do it.
The Municipal Complex for young people is a place where young people can work with trainers in the field of creative activities, formal and non-formal trainings, sport and other activities. The center also helps young people and children in personal development and in realizing their potential, talents, personal and professional dreams and pathway. The center works with young people, children, adults and people from disadvantaged groups.
The center’s staff consists of teachers, trainers, instructors, consultants, youth workers and other people who work in the field of education.
That is why we decided to choose this centre- there are people with different interests who would like to develop themselves.
During the event we had trainers, youth workers and people with this profile.
Firstly, we told the people about the project- activities, products and others.
Then we showed them the platform and the exercises.
We split them in groups and they did some exercises.
The participants worked online and offline- some exercises were done in paper and we also worked in the platform.
Later they evaluated the project and outputs and provided us with feedback.
They enjoyed the project and stated it is very useful.
Some of the young people even started creating ideas for their own business.


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