ParentBank LogoThe ParentBank partnership is announcing the launching of the online training program for vulnerable single parents that will aim at building up their numeracy, entrepreneurial and digital skills (including through the use of digital technologies), in order to foster their employability and socio-educational and personal development (which will also enhance their social inclusion), through a Project-Based Learning methodology.

The training course, with 25-hours duration, will be organized using also the e-learning platform on which the training modules were uploaded.
The 6 modules of the course are focused on communication competences, mathematical competences, entrepreneurial competences, digital competences, learning to learn skills, social and civic skills.
The piloting of this training program will be organized in each partner country starting with March 2021.
The single parents who can participate in the training program have to be in the following situations:
• Unemployed
• With low qualification
• With low education level
• With low income
• Other risk situations
We invite all interested single parents and organizations who support single parents to contact the specific partner organizations in each country.

You can find more about the program here.

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