EKS Simulation game - Trailer

EKS logoEven during the hot summer months the EKS project team is working hard on the development of the EKS simulation game. The game will be focused on the development and improvement of the 5 vital skills required for successful realization in the entrepreneurial world: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordination with others.
The project partners already created a list of scenarios dedicated on each of the five skills. In order to be more interesting and challenging for the end users, the game will have different levels of complexity (3 levels per skill). Within each level the users will be put in virtual, plausible or paradoxical situations in which they will have to make decisions, find strategies or solve problems and thus use and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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Only in the EKS simulation game you will have the unique opportunity to enter in the role of a mayor of a small town, who has to think of the best way to deal with the youth unemployment in the city, or an owner of a coffee brand, who has to adopt an innovative approach in order to regain stable market share. Youth worker, who has to assist the organization of a summer workshop by planning activities aimed at inclusion of vulnerable groups; Co-founder of a company, who wishes to expand his business; Owner of an online company for selling swimwear, who has to prepare for its first annual trade show; Team manager in an IT company, whose task will be to find out and deal with internal tension in the team… These and many more in one game!
If we already caught your interest, follow EKS project on Facebook and LinkedIn and be up to date with the latest project developments. We invite you to be among the first ones to test the game, which beta version will be available very soon.


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