The piloting of EKS game has started

EKS logoWith the onset of the hot summer months came the long-awaited launch of the game for developing entrepreneurial skills, created within the project "Entrepreneurship is the key to success"! We are very pleased to announce that the demo version of the game is now available in English and Bulgarian and we invite you to become part of its improvement and finalization!


Visit the following link ( and put yourself in many different roles and situations that will test your entrepreneurial skills in a fun and attractive way. After testing the game, we would be grateful if you could provide us with your feedback and comments by filling out a short questionnaire:

Questionnaire for young people

Questionnaire for trainers and educators

The EKS game is a simulation game, which aims to allow young people to work innovatively on the five skills: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and цoordination with others to enhance young adults' entrepreneurial competencies to foster their participation in the labour market and encourage their personal development.

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The game includes both theory and practical tasks tailored to the users' needs, and targeted elements (information, exercises) will be provided depending on the users' actions. At the end of each level, the game will produce a report that will make the player aware of the right and wrong moves s/he made and tips on implementing those skills in real life. Hence, the learners will be able to test themselves and self-evaluate their acquired skills and knowledge and use their tailored assessment report as a tool for further learning.

If we already caught your interest, follow EKS project on Facebook and LinkedIn and be up to date with the latest project developments. For more information, visit the website of Know and Can Association or write us!

We are expecting you!


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