logo 1As part of the Quality Learning Experience = Quality Active Ageing project, we are looking for the most interesting good practice case studies in each country visited. These will be included in a Guide, the final product of the project. We present to your attention the Good practice described during the training event in Kaunas, Lithuania!

Culinary heritage - Inter-generational culinary and cultural heritage education program


От 2-ри до 6-ти октомври 2017 в рамките на обмена на добри практики по проекта QAA – Достоен и Активен живот в трета възраст, представители на партньорските организации от Латвия, Литва, Великобритания, България, Италия и Испания бяха в гостоприемната организация Социален Иновационен Фонд в Каунас, Литва. В групата имаше и нови лица освен вече добре познатите лица. Домакините предложиха богата програма съчетаваща освен примери на добри практики и социална програма, запознаваща със забележителностите, историята и културата на Литва.

ROBIN contrubuted in two years time to change the perspectives and perceptions of hundreds of educators by involving them in hands-on activities, demonstrating and trying out children and youth affected by migration can be educational and psychosocially supported in their quest for a second chance in life.
As you went through section after section, you probably noticed that behind all training activities and all our endevours, just one aspect makes all the difference and that is dedication.


The phase of creation and evaluation of success stories about prosperous entrepreneurs under project ACE - „Developing Adult Educators‘ Competences to Promote Learners‘ Lifestyle Entrepreneurship“ (No. 2015-LT01-KA2014-013404, financed by Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 “Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices”, Action “Strategic partnerships for adult education”) was completed effectively.

Know and Can Association has the pleasure to invite you to take part in the next session of training seminars in the frame of project ROBIN Reinforcing cOmpetences to Build Inclusion through a New learning methodology, №2015-1-RO01-KA204-015001, which will start on 06.09.2017 – Sofia, (Bulgaria) - (2 workshops)


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