E VET LogoA LTTA on the EVET project took place in Nicosia, Cyprus from 9th to 13th September.
Know and Can Association presented an objective and even critical report based on the feedback received from 140 participants in the test of the first intellectual product - the Online Diagnostic Tool. Based on the suggestions and comments made, the final version of the product will be improved, translated and will be available in all partner languages very soon at: https://platform.e-vetproject.eu/ .

Cit4VET logoDuring the first months of #CIT4VET project lifetime all partners performed desk and Internet based research in order to fulfil the first step towards the creation of the Database of intercultural tools. The partnership collected more than 100 resources (methodologies, OERs, evaluation methods; self-learning materials, etc) in the sphere of intercultural learning and improvement of intercultural competences in VET sector. The resources are grouped in a table/grid according to previously established criteria and sectors – description of the tool; sector of appliance; mode of learning and interaction, culture focus; target group; level of difficulty; available language versions, etc.

Cit4VET logoCIT4VET brought project partners to Turin to discuss, analyze and implement the work of preparing project outputs. During the meeting, partners established the work plan of the forthcoming months, which will focus on the development of the website, the progressive implementation of the database relating to resources and instruments of an intercultural tools available for professional training. The database will be accompanied by a series of four e-learning modules which includes some methodological tips to favour intercultural dialogue, together with exercises and self-assessment tests on the topic of intercultural competences addressed to trainers and educators.

Cit4VET logoKick-off meeting
The meeting was held in Paderborn, Germany on 26 and 27 January 2019. After the presentation of the project, the partners agreed on intellectual outputs, discussed and approved the project management and assigned specific tasks for dissemination and evaluation.

VALITS contrubuted in two years time to change the perspectives and perceptions of hundreds of seasonal workers by involving them in hands-on activities, providing them tools to recognise their transversal skills and making them more competitive on the labour market.

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