Lecturers, teachers, researchers and experts in the field of education as well as coordinators of education and training projects  participated in the fourth edition of the International Conference The Future of Education that took  place in Florence, Italy, on 12 - 13 June 2014.
The fourth edition of The Future of Education aims at promoting transnational cooperation and sharing good practice in the field of innovation for Education.


International youth summer camps “Happenings” in the field of archeology and culture

The camps are held under Kalat project that aims at promotion of youth tourism in Sicily. Coordinator of the project is Foundation CON IL SUD from Italy. The programme is continuing from the 7-th of July to the 3-rd of August 2014 and will take place in Sicily, Italy. Within this period you can participate in it for a minimum of  1 and maximum of 4 weeks.

210 euro- 1 week
360 euro- 2 weeks
450 euro- 3 weeks
480- weeks


Under article 26 of the Law about legal entities with non-profit purposes, the Management Council of Know and Can Association- Sofia convenes an emergency general assembly on the 28-th of November 2013 at 17:00 o’ clock in the Association’s office: Sofia, blvd. Evlogi Georgiev 52, with the following agenda:


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