SMIIM training in Athens

SMIIM LogoFrom 16th to 20th September, a training on the SMIIM project was held in Athens.
During the training, decisions were made to change the content and format of the platform so that it could cover a wider target group. In addition to translators, the platform will conveniently assist cultural and social mediators in the near future, with content and test exercises added to this end.
Attendees shared their impressions of their sessions held in the partners coutries, with comments about the process, challenges faced and feedback from them.

As part of the training, we visited the Administrative Refugee Center in Athens, where we were able to get acquainted with both the procedures for obtaining refugee status and the organization of translators maintaining direct or remote contact with the 23 refugee centers throughout Greece. We had the opportunity to meet not only the management of the Center, but also the translators themselves, to whom we briefly introduced the platform and the opportunities it provides for testing knowledge and skills, but also for obtaining new ones.
There is not much time left until the end of the project, but the proposed and approved changes will enrich and diversify the content and attract new users.