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Two students won a contest for a videoclip under an European project in the field of education

Two Bulgarian students won the national contest for a videoclip related to the equal access to primary education. Their prize was a 16 day visit to the African country Eritrea together with young people from 5 other EU countries. Pavel Penchev and Evgeni Todorov are third-year students in the New Bulgarian University. Their videoclip reached the final of the contest together with 5 other clips. The contest was organized by Know and Can Association under a project, funded by the European Commission and implemented in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Many children in Eritrea walk each day for 10 km to go to the bus stop and then catch the bus to school. When they are not at school even the 8 years olds must work in hard physical conditions, according to Pavel and Evgeni. Eritrea has been independent since 1993 when it separated from Ethiopia. The country is extremely poor, in most of the villages there is no electricity, many of the schools are built by foreign non-governmental organizations.

Contest - “Come and take part! Education for all”

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The winner in the contest is Pavel Penchev from Sofia with the video, which is shown bellow.


Why are the stars shining...
Why are the flowers colourful.. and why do bees love them...
100 million children over the world will not understand this...
They have never been at school!
Because.. they have not had this opportunity...

But you are aware that education is vital!

Participate in the contest for audio and video clip and become a part of the international campaign for equal access to primary education.


The results of the first international testing of English language knowledge for 14 year old students

In May 2008 Know and Can Association and Center RUNI organized the first international testing of English language knowledge for 14 year old students. The project is initiated by SCIO- Czech Republic and more than 17 000 students from Argentine, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, France, Czech Republic and Japan took part in it. 32 schools in Bulgaria declared voluntarily their intention to participate in it. 13 of them were from Sofia, 7 from Blagoevgrad,4 from Veliko Tarnovo, 2 from Ruse, 2 from Stara Zagora and 1 school for each of the following regions: Razgrad, Plovdiv, Kiustendil and Kardjali.