TangIn is gaining up speed!!!

TangIn logo 4On September 3, 2019, in the Lower Metropolitan Region, shortly before the start of the school year, the first promotional event of the TangIn project took place. 20 teachers from 5 schools, mainly from the initial stage of the education system, attended the event in two parts - theoretical and demonstrative - practical.

Several such events are foreseen, but some of them will be after the end of the project, including during the International Conference on Vocational Education, which will be held on 13 and 14 October in Sofia on the theme "Bridging the gap between TVET and Employment worldwide" https://warnborough.net/sofia-bulgaria/ .
During the event, teachers had the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of tangible programming and its differences with classical programming, its benefits when working in classes, especially those related to the inclusion of groups at risk.

The district and its schools are characterized by a high percentage of Roma students experiencing difficulties in integrating into the educational environment, due to frequent absences related to traveling abroad, as well as to the Roma lifestyles and traditions..
Demonstrations were made of much of the curriculum demonstrating the interdisciplinary capabilities of the project, focusing on the possibility of adapting them and changing them according to specific educational needs.
During the demonstrations, a second grade student, the daughter of a teacher's family, also took part. For all those in attendance, most of them without special training in the ICT sector. Definitely, the student handled the tasks better and faster, which was an additional incentive for teachers to become actively involved and to cope with mutual assistance.


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