C-Game is already in the game

Logo C GAMEAn online meeting on the C-Game project was held on July 7 2020.
The results of the first intellectual product were presented, which are analyzes of the theories that currently carry out career counseling and identification of areas of interest, how these theories are integrated and used online, what games are currently on the market oriented to the relationship with different professions , each country participating in the project made an analysis of the classification of occupations, subsequently merged into a European classification that will be used in the game.

In the final document, based on all these analyzes, there are recommendations to the designers and programmers of the game, what elements must be integrated and which are the recommended ones.

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For their part, the team of game designers presented a developed model of the virtual city, the logical sequence of activities for the development of the city, design of buildings, avatars of players, avatars of professions with markers.

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During the creative discussion, many additional elements were proposed, which are mainly based on the results of the research in the first intellectual product.

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Logically, due to the current situation in Europe, the forthcoming meeting in Slovakia will be temporarily postponed, but work on the project continues on schedule.


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