International ERASMUS+ program project C-Game: Career guidance game in a city full of professions

Logo C GAMEThe Czech Association of Educational Counsellors in close cooperation with the Guidance Services Support Unit of the National Training Fund prepared and obtained funds for the implementation of the international project ERASMUS + (2019-1-CZ01-KA201-061204) called C-Game: Career guidance game in a city full of occupations.


Project partners:

• Association of Educational Counsellors, Czech Republic
• Guidance Services Support Unit of the National Training Fund, Czech Republic
• K.A.B.A Slovakia
• TeCeMko, Slovakia
• Znam I Moga, Bulgaria
• ISON Psychometrica, Greece

Project implementation period: 1.12.2019 - 31.5.2022

The aim of the project is to develop a game for pupils in the last years of primary school. During the construction of a fictional city, pupils become acquainted with various occupations that could be of interest to them, increase their awareness of the labour market and encourage them to think about their future career path, which is related to the choice of post-primary education.

C-Game is by no means a tool that is about to replace career guidance and consultation with a career guidance counsellor. The only thing this online game has and will serve is in a fun way through the game to help students learn their professional orientation and thus influence their future career decisions.

As the name of the project suggests, the game C-Game will take place in a virtual city. Pupils will gradually supplement the city with various companies, institutions and organizations, and fill the vacancies advertised in them.

During the game, the students will receive simple questions, which will gradually consist of their profile of interest. After gathering sufficient information about the student's interest, the system will offer them a set of professions corresponding to their profile so far. Because most children aged 12-14 are far from seriously thinking about their future work, all activities will be in a playful way.

C-Game is intended both for independent play at home as well as for use in the lessons of the last years of primary schools focused on the thematic area Man and the world of work. In some phases of the game, students will have the task of consulting selected topics with a parent, teacher, career counsellor, friend or classmate.

C-Game will be available in Czech, English, Slovak, Bulgarian and Greek.

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C-Game project website:

Website on which the C-Game will be located during 2021:

Estimated date of putting the C-Game into pilot and full operation
The C-Game will be put into pilot operation during May 2021. Primary schools and other interested parties in using the C-Game will be informed about this specific date of putting the C-Game into pilot and later into full operation on this website and on the above-mentioned C-Game project web pages.

Final conference of the C-Game project
C-Game will be introduced to educational and career guidance counsellors at the final conference of the C-Game project, which is scheduled for April 2022.


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