JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children - Dissemination and awareness-raising on child-friendly justice

To raise awareness on child-friendly the judicial framework among specialized legal practitioners and professionals closely working with children in cases of sexual abuse.

To actively disseminate the results of the training Multidisciplinary Curriculum and Methodology (MCM) and the GPMap among legal practitioners and other relevant professionals
To raise awareness on implemented child protection mechanisms in each partner country, regarding the child’s experience of the legal system in cases of sexual violence through the multilinguistic and transnational online platforms, and the Justice and Rights for Children manual, JRC) among: (i) children victims of sexual violence and their families; (ii) legal practitioners; and (iii) stakeholders.
To lobby, near relevant authorities and professional associations/guilds for the implementation of widespread and regular training activities on child-friendly justice

A3.1: Development and updating of national databases of “interested parties” in respective country.
A3.2: Development of the Justice & Rights for Children (JRC) manual contemplating, in a child-friendly manner, information on judicial procedures and children’s rights. Adaptations to local contexts will be made if deemed necessary.
A3.3: Translation of JRC manual into partner countries’ languages
A3.4: Design and printing of promotional material.
A3.5: Project Electronic Newsletters.
A3.6: Press releases.
A3.7: Project’s online platform.


JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children has been funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union. The authors are solely responsible for the contents of this report. It does not represent the opinion of the EU and nor is the EU responsible for any use that might be made of information contained in it.


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