DIME final partners meeting and conference in Sofia, Bulgaria


After two years full of hard work, challenges and professional satisfaction, the DIME project consortium met in person for the final partnership meeting. The event was held in the premises of the project coordinator Know and Can Association in Sofia, Bulgaria on 26th September 2022, on the eve of the International Conference "Diversity Management and inclusion at the workplace", which is the closing event of this fruitful project.

The final partnership meeting was a great opportunity for all DIME partners to meet again and to wrap up the work implemented during the last two years. The participants presented and discussed the results from the piloting sessions at national level, which took place in the months after the international training for facilitators in May 2022, organised in Palermo, Italy. The feedback and lessons learnt during the pilotings of the methodology and trainning materials for diversity management and inclusion at the work place, served as inspiration for the partners in the final modifications and improvements of those results. The piloting sessions included more than 40 SMEs, NGOs and other businesses in all partner countries.

The finalisation and visualisation of all project products in English and national languages was also presented and agreed by all partners. The final event was attended by the DIME project external evaluator, whose task during the two years of the project implementation was to guide the partnership and ensure the high quality of the project results, outputs and impact.

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As in every meeting, the partners also discussed in details the final dissemination activities, the documentation and steps needed for the delivery of the final technical and financial report and also the quality assurance and sustainability strategy.
Finally, a touch of melancholy marked the moment of greetings, during which all partners proudly underlined the success of the project also due to the particular understanding that has characterized the partnership since the beginning of this path.

The day after the meeting, the project conference was held in Ramada Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria. All partners took part in the conference and shared their experience in the field of the project. Moreover, the participants were familiarized with the project outcomes and they shared useful experience in the field of diversity management.

We would like to thank all the participants and partners fro the hard and fruitful work.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.

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