E-platform for training on Diversity Management for SMEs and NGOs


DIME project consortium - Know and Can Association in Bulgaria, Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’educazione e lo sviluppo in Italy, Helsinki Business College Ltd. in Finland, and MIR Akademien AB in Sweden proudly presents the e-platform with training materials on Diversity Management for Small and Medium Sized Organisations!

The self-training course is in the field of human resource management. It is meant to help employers to attract talented and ambitious workers with different backgrounds to bring added value to their organisations. The course is equally relevant for those who are a total beginners without a prior knowledge about diversity management as well as for those who need to improve already existing policies and practices.

Many small organisations lack the resources to hire an HR professional or an external expert to help build an inclusive working environment, and rely on their gut feeling instead . However, non-discriminatory employment is not a matter of choice but of legal obligation and cannot be based on gut feeling. Furthermore, if managed correctly, diversity brings several benefits. These include higher productivity among employees, an expanded market, and boosting financial performance, to mention a few. Moreover, an open and inviting environment, where people get on well with one another, is a necessary requirement for employees to stay and to give their best to deliver good results. A diverse clientele also requires a diverse workforce to meet the needs of the clientele. Thus, diversity management is not a matter of social responsibility, but of corporate survival. Inclusivity does not cost more. On the contrary, it is proven to be more economically efficient in a long run.

This course is aimed at:

- Professionals at SMEs, NGOs or other type of a small organisation, interested in fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

- Managers or supervisors at SMEs, NGOs or other type of a small organisation looking to build and lead more diverse teams.

- Senior managers at SMEs, NGOs or other type of a small organisation planning to diversify the workforce and make diversity management a strategic business priority.

This course is self-guided, and you can study at your own pace. It consists of 5 training modules:
1. MODULE 1: Cultural competence training
2. MODULE 2: Collect information
3. MODULE 3: Develop your diversity strategy and plan
4. MODULE 4: Take measures
5. MODULE 5: Follow-up your progress
Every module of the course consists of a number of steps for introducing and maintaining diversity in your organisation. The structure of each step is:
→ a short and clear summary of the relevant topics
→ suggested reading if you want to dig deeper into the topics
→ 2 or 3 hands-on exercises to tailor diversity management to meet the needs of your organisation
→ a toolbox with evidence-based methods and practical support tools
You can choose to work through every module and every activity. You can also only pick the modules and activities which are most relevant for your organisation. We strongly recommend that you start the course from the module on Cultural Competence, which provides insights into understanding diversity and inclusion.
You can access the e-platform absolutely openly and free of charge here!

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