YOUTH-REC training

cropped YouthREC🌍This week, from 19th to 22nd June, Know and Can's staff gathered with the Youth-REC consortium in Dublin for a four-day training session. The event was attended by 14 youth workers from Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland and Greece.

🎬Each day of the training was dedicated to a specific methodology employed in the project, namely storytelling, graphic design, and filmmaking.
🎥 The main aim of the project is by applying the attractive methods of storytelling and filmmaking to engage young people in active citizenship, giving them a powerful voice and providing them with a constructive outlet for their frustrations and difficulties.
⏭️Now it's time for the national trainings for young people and producing their short movies! Join us and we will help you give a voice to your story!
➡Stay tuned for more news!

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