KMS during corona virus


Despite the objective obstacles that quarantine creates for the project, for full communication with the target groups, the modern means of communication, which are also the subject of the project, help to gather information and prepare the content of the educational modules.

Research in partner countries has shown that the qualities that youth workers need to have in order to work successfully with their peers are not insignificant and are quite diverse, especially when it comes to a multicultural environment. The first graduates of "Youth Workers" of the University of Veliko Tarnovo will be in 2022. That is why the training modules on the project come to the aid of the current ones working with youths. The topics, content and exercises can be found on the project website www.keepmesafe.EU

Due to the already mentioned reasons and difficulties with direct communication, the project is developing in a mode of online consultation with partners and the second intellectual product - the training program for youth workers will be briefly delayed, which will allow us to include precedent as quarantine in the training.

The third partnership meeting on the project is also postponed, but not the work on it.

After the normalization of the situation in each country individually and in Europe as a whole, we will be happy to meet again with the representatives of the target groups and to continue the work "in the field".


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