Meet Noelia!

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Tell us about yourself- where you are from, what have you studied/or study, what are your hobbies and interests?
I’m from Spain. I have already finished my psychology degree. And my hobbies are traveling, hiking and dancing. I’m interest in knowing different countries and social problems.

What is your motivation to take part in this project? Why did you decide to take part in it?

I ended my psychology degree and I want instead of continuing studying to do a volunteering project related with my degree. My two principals motivations was: to be in a different country alone and working with people that I didn’t work before.

Which are the main things you would like to learn from this project?
Well, that’s a great question. The main thing is learning about another social situation and be coincident of what I have. Also to be independent, personal achievements, who to communicate to others in a language that I don’t understand…

What kind of voluntary activities would be interesting for you and you would like to take part in?
I’m really happy in Caritas, because I want new challenges so working with people with disabilities is a great start. I’m not really interest in the daily care center because in Spain I was working with kids. I would like to take part in some projects about refugees, persons with social exclusion, and women that had suffered domestic violence.

What are your expectations from this project?
I don’t have really much expectations, but it’s true that I imagine something similar as I’m doing. I imagined the project as me helping people and this people teaching me a lot of personal values and lots of things. I came with the expectation of learning a lot.

Which are your fears from this project?
The more fear is not having connection with the users of Caritas because of the language. And related to that, I was scared if I can’t communicate what I want because they don’t understand me. But another personal fear was fear of feeling lonely and missing my home, my family, friends…

What is your previous experience with voluntary activities (if any)?
I had 3 volunteering activities before this one in different places (Morocco, Thailand and Hungary) and all of them related with children. More or less the three of them are like a summer camp for children that don’t have so much resources and they can’t stay in the streets.

What are your expectations from Know and Can Association?
My expectations are to be there for me and my needs. To be sure that we’re good and facilities all the things we need in Bulgaria because they know the language and they life there. To conclude for me Know and Can has to be like a mother for the volunteers and has to be ready for everything we need.

Do you think this project can develop you in personal, professional and social way? Please, tell how.
The answer is absolutely yes if you are interest in social well-being or psychology. Because in my case I’ve been with people with different disabilities and I had to learn how to treat them and how to be with them without unknowing the language. So it’s a challenge that in some way affects you in a personal, professional and social way. Another thing you can develop is being alone in another city and know people that are in the same situation as you.

Please do share with us, so far your impressions from the voluntary service.
I’m really happy with my volunteering project because it is like I imagined. It’s true that I want to see other projects with Caritas and be there as a volunteer also but I’m really happy where I am. My impressions are good because in Caritas they treat me as if I were one of them, even if I don’t understand the language.

How the Covid-19 is affecting your voluntary service?
Not that much so I’m really happy about it. It’s true that we have to use mask so for me is difficult to communicate with them because they don’t see my face. But luckily Covid-19 is not affecting that much.


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