Third CIT4VET Partners meeting

Cit4VET logoThe huge importance of the intercultural awareness and competences is recognized by the EU, the European institutions and all the member-countries. However, there are still many VET trainers who are great experts in their particular field, but when it comes to knowledge or experience in working with students from various backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, they need to fill that gap by searching the right methods and tools on their own.
The project #CIT4VET aims to improve the situation by providing a database with instruments for improving the intercultural competences with VET trainers, institutions and learners.

On January 17th and 18th 2020 we and the other project partners have met in Rzeszow, Poland in order to discuss the next steps we have to take before the project end.
During the next few months each partner will implement a testing at national level in order to gather the feedback of the target group how do they feel about the created products and what kind of improvements should be made in order to increase their quality.

The partners will get back together again in September 2020, when the final project meeting will be organised in Netherlands.



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