REFORM Project - Reinforcing Educators Competencies for Counselling and Motivation

"Know and Can" REFORM Logoembarks on a new international adventure! The name of the project is "REFORM" and its partners are 7 organizations from Europe.
Modern, dynamic life and the labor market require us to constantly strengthen and enrich our skills. Today's knowledge may be old tomorrow. Digitization and the need of good computer literacy are also on the agenda. We should also mention how educational systems guide us to the realization that is right for us, and how adequately are assess our skills and qualities? The up-to-date topics and issues that this interesting project affects aim to improve and resolve.

The first of our four partner meetings will be in our beautiful capital Sofia.
The aim of the project is to provide teachers with new professional skills and knowledge to enhance their qualifications through career counseling. Instead of relying on traditional and unified, diffused learning methods and tools, the partners strive to provide a new integrated training methodology with tools and methods for career counseling. Teachers will be encouraged to develop their own training strategies and career counseling ideas tailored to the specific needs of their students. The developed methodology for integrated career guidance training will focus on the core principles and professional requirements in this area, while encompassing national priorities for each partner country and the personal perspective of the lecturer.
The strategic partnership of REFORM project envisages addressing the development of digital skills and professional knowledge of educators that will further strengthen the recruitment opportunities of the most suitable and motivated candidates for the teaching profession. The increased professional development of the educators will facilitate their work with early school leavers and learners from disadvantage groups because they will be better prepared to motivate and advise their students how to continue their education or how to better place themselves at the labor market. The gained knowledge and improved professional and digital skills will support educators' efforts for providing better educational and employability opportunities for their students, especially ESLs and from disadvantage backgrounds by increasing motivation and desire for personal development. Using the developed during the project activities, materials, tools and open educational resources on delivering career counseling, as well as the Integrated Methodology for career counseling, the educators will be able to gain knowledge, improve skills and training habits commonly associated with digital and professional development.
Expect more information and track the stages of the project!


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