MEDIS at new ERASMUS+ - Expectations

logo medis v1On July 14, 2020, at the National Student Dormitory in Sofia, a meeting was held on the topic "The new Erasmus program - expectations" between the representatives of formal and non-formal education and MEPs related to educational policies. During the meeting the problems and additional challenges for education in Bulgaria related to the new blended form of education (face-to-face and distance), the readiness of the system to apply it, as well as the analysis of the results after 7th and 12th grade were discussed as a result of the distatant form of education.

It is a fact that for another year the success of the external evaluation in Bulgaria is falling. It is more than obvious that new methods of teaching for both teachers and students need to be sought. One of the possibilities for overcoming this problem is the mass implementation of results from successful projects created under the Erasmus + program. Many of these projects offer innovative solutions, methodologies, ready-made learning strategies and lesson plans to increase the knowledge and skills of both teachers and students. Many of them have been experimentally tested in formal and informal environments and have proven their effectiveness in acquiring new knowledge and skills. More flexible education systems in Europe have even integrated some of them into their curricula or are trying to include them.
During the informal talks, Rumyana Shalamanova, Chairwoman of Know and I Can Association, had the opportunity to speak with Andrey Slabakov - MEP, member of the Committee on Culture and Education in the European Parliament, and Radan Kanev - MEP, member of the Committee on Employment and social affairs. She also had the opportunity to present the MEDIS project as a bearer of good European practices for integration and inclusion of students for whom Bulgarian is not their mother tongue, as well as discuss the possibilities for European implementation of project results, the creation of a single library for such results.

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