Math&Motivation - National multiplier events

FINAL MM LogoDuring the final months of the project duration in each partner country were organised and implemented the national multiplier events. The aim of those seminars was to present the project and its results to the wide public at national and local level consisting of stakeholders from the target group - teachers, trainers, pedagogical staff, students, representatives of educational institutions, policy makers and other interested parties.

Apart from familiarizing the representatives of the target group with the project achievements, the multiplier events are a great opportunity for networking, presenting and exchanging good practices, ideas and initiatives in the sphere of education.
All multiplier events in the frame of M&M project had similar structure: opening session; presentation of the project, the partnership, activities implemented during the 2-year duration; detailed presentation of the Toolkit for teachers (consisting of the Collaborative learning methodology and the Curriculum with lesson plans for improving math and science skills of the students); workshop for presentation of the e-tools platform, discussions and networking.
The multiplier events were organised in the period June-August 2019 and gathered more than 250 participants. All of them gave very positive feedback and expressed interest in using the project products in their future work with students.
The Bulgarian multiplier event was organised on 30th August 2019 in 56th Secondary School „Prof. Konstantin Irechek“ involving more than 70 participants and educational experts from more than 40 schools in Sofia region.


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