Today is the official beginning of the SCI Week!

euro4science.logoToday is the official beginning of the SCI Week! Know and Can’s team together with the Headmaster, teachers and students form 2nd High school “Emilian Stanev” have hosted two groups from the UK and Portugal. During the week series of interesting activities connected to the theme of criminology are going to be undertaken. The event has started with cultural programme, presented by the students from 2nd school. During the next days there are going to be implemented various presentations, games, workshops, discussions, visits of places with high cultural and historical importance.

12 students from the UK and 10 from Portugal have come to participate in the event. More than 30 students from the Bulgarian school will be engaged in the activities. Interesting meetings of the students with specialists, acting in the sphere of criminology will take place during the week. Lab tests are going to be implemented together with entertainment activities aiming at promote the intercultural exchange amongst children.

The CSI week is one of the key activities under the project “Euro4Science: Exploring « CSI Effect » and Forensic Sciences to boost the appeal of  science to young people and reinforce interdisciplinarity in European high schools” (2014-1-PT01-KA200-001012 / 947100241), financed by the Erasmus + Programme. The project will be presented tomorrow – 15th of March 2016 at 14:00 o’clock in the EU house (Address: str. 124 Rakovski, Sofia). The event will be open for citizens and stakeholders.

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