BI NEW second training in Bolu, Turkey

BI NEW LogoFrom December 13 to December 15, 2020, at the Lyceum Tourism and Entrepreneurship Building in Bolu, Turkey, the second training for future educators of mental arithmetic was held. In an extremely welcoming environment for three days, with the active participation of the participants, the training was extremely communicative and useful for the participants. Preparation for the training was at a very high level, for which a special thanks to the hosts. Most of them are teachers at the local gifted children school, bringing together elites not only from the city but also from surrounding cities and even districts. There were also recent undergraduate students with a mathematics profile, as well as university professors.

Working with abacus, but of another type has a history in Turkey until the mid-19th century, when it was used in shops. The training was flexible and followed the working rhythm of the teachers in the school. There was everything in the training - curiosity, enthusiasm, delicious food and aromatic tea, Friday prayers, early morning and late evening sessions, but the most important was the result - a willingness to show the students, a desire for personal development and improvement.

Some of the additional exercises that could possibly become part of the second intellectual product - the Exercise Collection - were also demonstrated, and valuable feedback was obtained for them.
The students have the materials and time to prepare for the distance exam, and soon the second and third intellectual product will be available to them.


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