12 habits for success - update

12 habits for successDespite the unusual situation, the 12 habits for success project partnership continues the work on the project implementation!
Yesterday, we had an online meeting with our partners in order to discuss what we've done until this moment and how we can organize our future activities considering the impact of Covid-19 pandemic at national and international level.

During the event the partners reviewed the project timeline, working plan and deadlines in order to make some adjustments due to the closure of the schools because of the pandemic. New dates were settled having into consideration activities to be done / implement with the students and the uncertainty of what the future holds for our schools, educators, and, most importantly, our students and the foreseen date of the beginning of the school year (between 14-17 September 2020).


Then, it was also accepted by all partners that the next Transnational Project Meeting should be held on-line due to Covid 19 and a date was fixed for the second online meeting - 12th November 2020. During this meeting, the partnership will reflect upon the piloting sessions and exploitation carried out in the classroom or online by school partners, to criticize the first outcomes, products and results and correct anything in the process and assure qualitative results and decide which activities can be done online and which demand the face-to-face classes and the new date for the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting - Romania.


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