„JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children“ - Newsletter 5

JudEx+ Collaborates with Cyprus Police
"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center organized 4 days of training in the framework of the JudEx+ programme for 76 neighborhood police officers on child-friendly proceedings in cases of child sexual violence against children. The training sessions took place at the Cyprus Police Academy following an invitation of the Cyprus Police and are a follow-up to the initial JudEx+ trainings first implemented in Cyprus in May 2017. The programme is contributing to building the capacity of "front line" professionals to communicate with child victims of sexual violence.

Justice & Rights for Children

The Manual on Justice & Rights Manual for Children was created and written for children, and their families, to learn, in a child-friendly manner, about rights, judicial proceedings, how to keep safe and where to look for support in cases of sexual violence. The manual can be found on the JudEx+ project website in all partners' country language. The website also offers important information and resources specifically aimed at children and families. http://judex.uncrcpc.org/

JudEx+ Programme

"JudEx+: Professional capacity development programme on child-friendly communication in judicial proceedings in cases of sexual violence against children" was developed to enhance the work of professionals involved in different stages of the judicial proceedings.
“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center (CY), project coordinator, Frederick University (CY), Know & Can Association (BG), CESIE (IT), University of Primorska/Science & Research Center Koper (SI), Folkuniversitetet (SE), and Rinova (UK) develped a trainers' manual and a trainee study-pack to promote child-friendly judicial proceedings encouraging professionals to be informed and take into consideration the rights and needs of children when communicating with them and working on their cases. The programme is targeted at stakeholders on child-friendly justice, particularly professionals involved in legal and judicial proceedings related to children, such as legal practitioners, police officers, social welfare officers, health workers, teachers/school staff, and NGO staff working to support children in the process.Professionals and entities interested in implementing the programme can contact partner organisations directly.

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