Training materials on Diversity Management for SMEs and NGOs


Alogside the work on the methodology development, DIME partners launched the draft structure on the training course creation.

This training course, Promoting Diversity Management to SMEs and NGOs: Ethnical Diversity in Focus, is in the field of human resource management (HRM). It is aimed as help to self-help for small organisations in attracting talented and ambitious workers with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Unlike most of other online training courses, this one requires neither prior knowledge on diversity management nor a trainer. It designed specifically for small or medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organisations, social enterprises or any other type of small business or non-for-profit entities. Many small organisations do not have a particular title for managing human resources, which is usually a responsibility of an owner, a manager or a team leader. Furthermore, they often lack resources for elaborated diversity management strategies or expensive external expertise to consciously work with inclusive employment and working environment, relying instead on the gut feeling. However, non-discriminative employment is not a matter of choice but a legal obligation by the law, which cannot be based on the gut feeling.

If managed correctly ethnical diversity brings in several benefits for the organisation. Both research and practice demonstrate that it leads to innovation, higher productivity among employees, broader market and boosting financial performance. Open and inviting environment in the workplace, where people get on well with one another, is a prerequisite for employees to stay and to give their best to deliver good results. The diverse clientele of the companies requires diverse workforce to catch their needs. Thus, diversity management is no longer a matter of social responsibility, but of corporate survival. Vitally, this way of working does not need to cost more. It is even proven to be more efficient and economical way in a long run.

The training course pursues four goals
GOAL 1 is to make the employer and employees aware about key foundations of the diversity management for inclusive working place.
GOAL 2 is to find out how organisational culture impacts the business and learn to successfully implement cultural changes.
GOAL 3 is to recognise and overcome biases at the working place by development of the hands-on Diversity Management Strategy for the organisation.
GOAL 4 is to apply multi-stakeholder approach for development and introduction of Diversity Management Strategy by involving management, staff and other important stakeholders in training.

The training course is divided into four parts and each part comprises a certain number of modules:

*INVESTIGATE aims at laying the foundation for the Diversity Management Strategy by collecting information and awareness rising about it among the leadership and employees.

*ANALYSE and DEVELOP DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT STRATEGY aims at scrutiny of the investigation results for development of a hands-on strategy based on real organisational needs.

*TAKE MEASURES aims at putting in action the Diversity Management Strategy.

*MONITOR and EVALUATE aims at ensuring continuous follow-up and setting new goals.

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