National report in the sphere of entrepreneurship (UPthEM project)

UPthEM Logo 01Entrepreneurship refers to the process of creating a new enterprise and bearing any of its risks, with the view of making the profit. It is an act of seeking investment and production opportunity, developing and managing a business venture, so as to undertake production function, arranging inputs like land, labour, material and capital, introducing new techniques and products, identifying new sources for the enterprise.

Entrepreneurship operates under an ecosystem called as entrepreneurship ecosystem. The ecosystem comprises of government programs and schemes which encourage entrepreneurship, non-governmental organisations that provide advisory services to entrepreneurs, and other organisations which promote and support entrepreneurship directly or indirectly.

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During the first months of the UPthEM project lifetime, the partnership was engaged in conducting a desk research aiming to provide a state of the art/current situation on existing policies, practices and aspects of fostering entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups with emphasis on adult learning. The objective is not only to collect best practices but to get a detailed idea on the current situation and to improve what we already have by bringing new ideas.

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The Research is dedicated to the analysis of the particular needs of the learners, educators and employers in the participating countries. Based on the analysis further steps will be taken to improve educators’ capacities, enhance their skills and provide them with a training programme to carry out the effective learning of adults from disadvantage background in gaining entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. The contents of the program will be mainly divided in: learning outcomes framework; modules on different themes and UPthEM facilitators’ guidelines.
The full version of the Bulgarian national report could be downloaded from here!
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