PARENTBANK: Training of professionals working with single parents

ParentBank LogoOn 5th and 6th, June 2020 in the town of Chepelare was held the first training of professionals working with single parents under the ParentBank project.
The region is remote, mountainous, with ethnic minorities, many of them living in hard-to-reach neighborhoods. The problems of single parents were especially highlighted during the quarantine around the emergency situation due to the coronavirus.


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Professionals working with single parents gladly took part in the training, which is part of the first product of the project. The trainers presented briefly the idea, goals and desired results of the project. The seven modules of the first intellectual product were also thoroughly presented and discussed. Each of the practitioners found something useful and new for their methods of teaching.
The practical exercises provoked discussions about the complexity in some of the modules.
The participants were particularly interested in the PBL approach, which they have been used to some extent in their work with single parents, but not so systematically.
The second day was dedicated to working on their chosen topics for PBL. The participants were divided into two groups and worked on two topics - "Problems of multicultural communication for inclusion" and "Alternative energy sources in the region for an energy-independent home." The advantages of working together can be seen in the developed project.


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