Parent Bank- Multiplier event

ParentBank LogoKnow and Can Association organized a national multiplier event for the ParentBank project on the 21st of January 2022 with 51 participants divided into two groups according to the Covid-19 restrictions in Bulgaria.


An awareness-raising info day (half day) involving organizations and professionals that support single parents, training providers and relevant local and national stakeholders attended the event in Sofia. During the event, the project’s aim, objectives were generally presented followed by in-depth presentations of training programs for practitioners, single parents, the guide for the development of time bank business plan & sustainability strategy, time bank for single parents and peer-to-peer outreach strategy were presented including practical activities. A special invitation was sent to practitioners who were involved in the piloting of IO1 as well as their colleagues who implemented some of the training program’s materials into their work with single parents. All of the participants were informed about the ParentBank’s project website, as well as we showed them how to easily navigate and find all the outputs of our website in Bulgarian. We also distributed some hard copies of the training programs to the participants.


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