New challenges for ALTER project

The ALTER project unexpectedly faced a new challenge. On the one hand, the sharp increase in the number of unemployed is related to the Corona virus, a social isolation that, which in addition to the negative consequences for most people, provides additional time for self-study.

This topic, as well as a discussion about the development of the project were the subject of an online meeting between the partners in early June.



Many training platforms provided free access to their educational resources, including the proper use of social networks, both for communication on various video platforms and interactive lessons to increase knowledge and skills for active job search via Internet. Time will tell how many people have taken advantage of these opportunities, but mass digitization over the past few months is a fact.

It may sound paradoxical, but the combination of the above factors is in the service of the project. The conclusions of the national reports, as well as the results of the remote work with the focus groups, which are the subject of the first intellectual product - speak for themselves: social networks are mainly used for communication, but not for job search. A trend that the situation with the Corona virus reversed in few months. Job sites have seen a huge increase, initially among job seekers, and now when measures are gradually being phased out of job offers, all the more so as the tourist season is on the doorstep.

Unfortunately, the planned partnership meeting in Vienna has been postponed to a later stage, but the timetable for the implementation of the project tasks is clear and adhered to. You will soon have the opportunity to visit our Facebook page and website.


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