projectslogo.DimeName: Diversity Management and Inclusive Employment for ethnic minorities and migrants in SMEs and NGOs

    DIME project will support social and economic integration of migrants and ethnic minorities via awareness-rising and training of employers at SMEs and NGOs.

    Objectives and goals:

    - To carry out fieldstudy with employers

    - To develop training material in diversity management and Inclusion at the workplace

    - To carry out training for 40 organisations reaching out to 400- 600 employers

    - To raise awareness on labour market discrimination based on ethnicity in partner countries and EU

    - Fieldwork for analysis of obstacles for employment of migrants and ethical minorities from the perspective of employers

    - Development of methodology and training material for employers for promoting diversity management and inclusion at the workplace in SMEs and NGOs

    - Training of facilitators and piloting activities



    Programme:Justice Programme (JUST), Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC)

    Duration:November 2020 – October 2022

    Partners: Know and Can Association, Bulgaria, MIR Akademien, Sweden, CEIPES, Italy, Business College Helsinki, Finland