DROP-IN Bulgarian Multiplier event

The Bulgarian multiplier was organized on 9th July 20201 in Ramada by Wyndham Sofia City Center. The event was attended by more than 50 teachers and educational experts from all around the country.

In addition to the detailed presentation of the project, the partners, the implemented activities and created products, the event was a priceless opportunity for a direct meeting with representatives of the target group (teachers, educational specialists, trainers and youth workers from Bulgaria) and a demonstration of the different types of materials and resources in the platform.


ME 1The discussions showed that unfortunately, early school leaving is still a very serious problem in the education system in Bulgaria, and the access to appropriate resources and materials is not only difficult but also very time consuming. Most teachers don’t have the time and opportunity to dig for materials suitable for fighting early school leaving and increasing the motivation of students. The event was successful:  despite the inconveniences caused by the additional health measures and restrictions, many people responded to our invitation to attend the multiplier event and participated actively in it. Moreover, further information related to DROP-IN project were spread among stakeholders who will benefit from it in the future and disseminate it among their contact network in this way reaching sustainability and added value.

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