Let's talk about motivation- why Nisa took part in the project

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1. What is your motivation to take part in this project? Why did you decide to take part in it?

I had never been in any EVS/ESC project but I believed that I must try this experience at least once in my life.
I believed that the EVS/ESC program will allow me to develop my skills and abilities conducting those activities in which I can give my maximum.
As a character I am a social and motivated person always willing to grow and learn new things, most importantly, exploring new cultures and meeting with new people. Therefore, I thought this platform is an experience that suits my character and that I needed to do.

2. Which are the main things you would like to learn from this project?

I think that with a volunteering project learning is mutual for both sides. Even if volunteers are going for helping and teaching something, volunteers are learning lots of things about the host country such as their way of living, their traditions, foods, and so on... While you get to know the culture and traditions of the host country's at the same time they get to know about the traditions and culture of yours. I like to learn new languages as well. That's why my primary expectation for learning from this volunteering is to learn new things about the new culture and to see new lives and hopes which would be effective in my social character.

3. What kind of voluntary activities would be interesting for you and you would like to take part in?

I would want to take part in every kind of activity actually but I hope I can work with youth or disabilities in the future. I would want to feel that I am touching at least a bit in somebody's life, If they remember me in the future with good memories I would be very happy.

4. What are your expectations from this project?

As I told before my main expectation from this project is to learn new things about Bulgarian culture, to meet with new people, to help the children and make fun activities with them, the most important to make them feel good and smil.

5. Which are your fears from this project?

To be honest, I didn't have any fear about the project because I believed that in every case it will be useful for my character and my career as well. Maybe my only fear would be about the foods because unfortunately, my taste is not too much open for the new food.

6.What is your previous experience with voluntary activities (if any)?

During my University studies, I worked in a Child Hospital of Ege University as a volunteer with children for a month. I taught English for a month and I did my best to motivate them. It made me very happy to see that they were motivated during that month.

7.What are your expectations from Know and Can Association?

My first expectation from Know and Can association was to help me adapt to the country and make me feel comfortable as in my hometown. But they did more than I expected, they tried to help me when I had every simple problem.

8. Do you think this project can develop you in personal, professional and social way? Please, tell how.

Of course, I believe that these projects develop everyone in every way. Volunteering and helping others will make you a happier person in general. Volunteering abroad is also a great chance for you to grow as a person and learn to look after yourself. I believe that volunteering experience effects on work-life as well. It is a great way to show future employers that you are capable of being a real team player and working closely with people, as it shows the ability to build a close working relationship with people from all over the world and is definitely a talking point in interviews. So, I think that if you feel that something is missing from your professional life, take a chance and volunteer.

9. Do you want to add anything else?

I want to thank to the Know and Can association and to my colleagues in ODK very much for their wonderful hospitality.

10. Tell us about yourself- where you are from, what have you studied/or study, what are your hobbies and interests?

I am from Prizren / Kosovo and I'm 25 years old. I studied International Relations at “Ege University in Izmir” Turkey. I also studied half semester in Slovakia Diplomacy and IR with an Erasmus exchange program. My mother tongue is Turkish, and I speak English and Albanian as well. Some of my hobbies and interests are traveling and exploring new cultures and people, swimming, cycling, listening to music, watching serials/movies, reading psychological books, etc.

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